At the Multicultural Centre, we strive to make your day one to remember. An Event Coordinator will work with you to choose the layout you’d like for your special day and we will set up the ceremony and/or reception based on your requirements.

We have three different ballrooms to accommodate weddings, large or small.

For an intimate wedding, we recommend our Multicultural Ballroom. The Multicultural Ballroom holds a capacity of 80 people.

For a larger wedding, we suggest the Diversity Ballroom. The Diversity Ballroom accommodates 120 people.

For a large wedding, we recommend the Multicultural Diversity Ballroom, a combination of the Multicultural and Diversity Ballrooms to accommodate a capacity of 200 people.

Wedding packages are available upon request. Send us a message to receive yours!

For more information or questions please contact the office and our Coordinator can assist you. 
Call:  403.320.1577   Email:

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