The Southern Alberta Ethnic Association (SAEA) is a Not For Profit Organization with Charitble Status that represents a wide diversity of ethnic societies and clubs in southern Alberta.  Since 1977, the SAEA has been showcasing ethnic diversity in southern Alberta by highlighting different global cultures, languages, cuisines, cultural dancing, performances and ethnic music, as well as thoughts and philosophies.  SAEA has been an iconic organization representing some of the most culturally and ethnically diverse groups in our multicultural nation.


The SAEA is a multicultural hub for inclusion and partnership.  We promote understanding and awareness, and celebrate cultural diversity through community events and programs.

The SAEA envisions an equitable and welcoming community that recognizes and openly celebrates cultural diversity.

SAEA Guiding Principles

We promote and embody respect as the understanding and admiration of the differences that make our organization and community vibrant.  Dignity and appreciation will be shown to all involved in SAEA: our members, volunteers, staff, stakeholders, participants and our community.

As a multicultural community hub, we believe that the partnership we have with our member groups and external organizations, businesses and stakeholders are essential to the financial, social and long term sustainability and relevance of the SAEA.

We value and appreciate the contribution of our volunteers.  We recognize and celebrate the donations of time, skill and resources of all our members, friends and stakeholders.

We focus on the positive, uplifting and celebratory aspects of cultural diversity while acknowledging and using optimism to address the challenges and realities of negative discrimination and racism.

Open Mindedness
We listen to and hear the differing and even conflicting perspectives that arises between cultural groups, individuals, and ideologies.

The SAEA as an organization including its members, volunteers and staff are all committed to these guiding principles as well as to the changing needs of our community and our ongoing responsibility to promote a vibrant, inclusive Southern Alberta.

The diverse (and even conflicting) perspectives of our members, prospective members partners and stakeholders will be considered and respected in our decisions, while maintaining our commitment to our Guiding Principles.

For any additional information, questions, or would like to book a viewing please contact us directly at or call 403.320.1577.

Community Partners